1978: College Rousseau (Geneva)

Participation in the design of the hour time schedule of teachers and students of the Cantonal College Rousseau in Geneva, based on optional courses.

1978-79: University of Geneva

Quality test of a new Pascal Compiler developed at the Univ. of Geneva. “Diplôme de Licencié en Informatique” (BSc.) thesis.

1979: University of Geneva

Design and development of a program (code loader) for the loading of any microprocessor (8/16 bits) with the corresponding executable machine code.

1979-80: University of Geneva

Design and development of a terminal multiplexer, based on a multi-processor architecture (5 Intel 8086 CPUs), for the interconnection of a large number of terminals with several computers (Digital PDP 11, Univac 1100, Digital VAX 11/780). Parallel programming in Assembler language. “Diplôme d’ Informaticien” (MSc.) thesis.

1982-83: University of Geneva

Participation in model designing of a Computer Based Learning (CBL) project at the University of Geneva. This was a joint project between the University of California (Prof. A. Bork) and the University of Geneva (Prof. B. Levrat).

2004-07: University of Limoges, France

Design and implementation of a prototype intelligent Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Web servers and Web applications, based on Visual Analytics, hybrid expert  systems (Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks – EANN) and intelligent 3D graphics for Decision Making and Knowledge Extraction.  “Diplôme de Docteur en Informatique” (PhD) thesis.

Sample graphs: graph1, graph2, graph3, graph4, graph5.

PhD Thesis: “Network Security Policy Surveillance Aid using Intelligent Visual Representation (Visual Analytics) and Knowledge Extraction from Network Operation Graphs”.

2010-18: Master ISIC-G University of Limoges, France – TEI of Athens

Supervisor for the following Masters:

1) Graph theory and tools appropriate for the development of visualization applications (finding the best viewpoints for 3D graphs), 2010.

2) Social Networks Data Mining using Visual Analytics, 2010.

3) Graphical User Authentication for Mobile Devices, 2011.

4) 3D Augmented Reality and Visualization using Smartphones, 2012.

5) Wireless Network and User Profile Visualization, 2013.

6) Wireless Sensor Networks topology development on Google Maps for covering dense and sparse forest areas, 2015.

7) Google Maps-based implementation of Quadtree algorithm, 2017.

8) Web explore/research using Augmented Reality and Visual Analytics on mobile devices, 2018.

2011-18: Ph.D University of Limoges, France

Supervisor for the following PhD (Univ. of Limoges, France), 2014 :

1) Systèmes d’ aide à l’ évaluation à base de visualisation interactive de graphes. Applications à l’évaluation des systèmes et des institutions éducatives.

Supervisor for the following PhD (Univ. of Limoges, France) (running):

2) Visual interactive knowledge management and decision making in Linked Open Data environments. Application field: Research information management and educational data mining in Higher Education.

2011-18: Department of Informatics: TEI of Athens

Supervisor for the following BSc dissertations:

1) Security crack (WEP & WPA authentication) of 802.11 wireless networks (2012).

2) Implementation of an i-cloud application in Android mobile devices (2013).

3) Attacking Public Hotspots and wireless clients (2013).

4) Remote networks interconnection with IPSec security (AES and certificates) (2013).

5) Quality of Service (QoS) over 802.11 wireless networks: Requirements & Implementation (2013).

6) Hacking Cisco routers (SNMP attacks) (2013).

7) Hacking Cisco switches (Spanning Tree attacks) (2013).

8) Security crack using Protocol Tunneling (2015).

9) Monitoring of network devices and services (Nagios) (2016).

10) Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attack – ARP Cache Poisoning (2016).

11) Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM)– SSL Hijacking (2016).

12) Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM)– DNS Hijacking.

13) Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM)– Session Hijacking.

14) Educational presentation (HTML5) of security protocol IPSEC.

15) SQL Injections: Automatic detection of vulnerabilies and penetration.

16) Educational presentation (HTML5) of BGP protocol (2017).

17) Implementation of a network firewall (ipfire) and security policies.

18) Educational presentation (HTML5) of MPLS protocol.

19) Implementation and presentation of Scapy (a Python-based interactive packet manipulation program).

20) Network Virtualization for Open Cloud.

21) Bluetooth security crack.