Technical Publications

1) Feasibility study for a Document Retrieval System and an Office Automation system for the Greek Parliament, based on a Local Area Network (LAN) (1984).

2) Technical specifications for an international Call for Tenders for the purchase of the Document Retrieval System and Office Automation system of the Greek Parliament (1985).

3) Programming language Modula 2. Encyclopedia of Computer Science, Vol.3 K-O, p.216-221 (1986).

4) Feasibility study for the interconnection of the Computer Informatics department of TEI of Athens to the ATM network backbone of the Institution (1998).

5) Feasibility study of the organization of the Helpdesk service of the Network Operation Centre (NOC) of TEI of Athens (1999).

6) Study of the Network Infrastructure of TEI of Athens (1999).

7) Preliminary feasibility study for the voice and data integration network of Schools of the Greek Merchant Marine (YEN) (2000).

8 ) Technical report for the inter-operability of ATM and IP networks (TEI of Athens, 2000).

9) Feasibility study of the integration of the remote access network and backbone services of TEI of Athens in the academic community (2000).

10) Feasibility study of the exploitation of the data network of TEI of Athens (2000).

11) Study and technical specifications for the migration of the backbone and distribution data network of TEI of Athens in Giga Ethernet technology for the support of advanced Internet and Quality of Services (QoS) (2002).

12) Technical specifications for the purchase of PC labs equipment and their interconnection to the Intranet of TEI of Athens and Internet (2002).

13) Design and technical specifications for the tele-training class of TEI of Athens (2003).

14) Technical specifications for the purchase of the central router of TEI of Athens, of Giga Ethernet technology (2004).

15) Technical specifications for the integration of data and voice network of TEI of Athens (2005).

16) PhD Thesis:

“Network Security Policy Surveillance Aid using Intelligent Visual Representation (Visual Analytics) and Knowledge Extraction from Network Operation Graphs”  (Limoges, France, 2007).